With the Fit2Buy widget you have a fitting room which you can easily integrate into your site. Your customers will never have to leave your site to try on an item of clothing before they buy it.

Once you register and start uploading items of clothing into your online catalogue you’ll be given a unique link address for each garment. All you need to do is add that link address to your product page; once the link is selected the fitting room opens inside a light box on-top of the page the shopper is looking at where they complete the fitting process and return to complete the purchase. The shopper never leaves your website meaning you retain control of the shopper from start to finish.



The widget is interactive with detailed help and video tutorials to guide the shopper while in the fitting room and is fully customisable with Fit2Buy premium.


Widget integration into your site style.

Fit2Buy Premium gives you total control of the widget allowing you to name it and edit the appearance to seamlessly integrate the fitting room into your site. We always want to work with you to improve the widget and enhance the service

 If you are a seller with a varied array of clients you can choose to implement more than just a single widget too. So, if for example you mainly sell to women, but still have a significant percentage of shoppers being men buying for their wives, girlfriends and partners, you could implement one widget targeted towards your female shoppers with another ‘husband helper’ widget geared towards the men buying for their partners.

Of course, they are just suggestions; we will provide your graphic design team with a template of the widget which they can edit to your specifications. The only limit to the design of the widget is your imagination.