Make a confident sizing purchase



How many times have you seen something online and not been sure if it will fit you? You like what you see but don’t want to risk buying something that doesn’t fit but you also know you won’t be able to find something like it at any of the shops where you live. Frustrating isn’t it?


Fit2Buy is the service here to change that forever. The idea is simple, you can’t describe the shape of your body but you don’t need to as the clothes in your wardrobe do that for you because you only buy and keep clothes that fit you well. Fit2Buy lets you compare items online to the items in your wardrobe and because you know the items in your wardrobe fit you if the clothes online are similar then they will fit you too. It’s so easy you wonder why nobody thought of it before and what’s even better is it actually works! All you need to do is upload into your Fit2Buy wardrobe photo’s of clothes in your wardrobe at home and start shopping. You can then compare anything you want to buy and be sure you buy the right size the first time.


So, what are the features for you, the Shopper?


  1. It’s FREE
  2. Be sure the item will fit you before you commit to a purchase
  3. Don’t just try on 1 size, cycle through retailer’s sizes to see which fits best
  4. Fit2Buy works for all clothing items – we have a simple motto – if you can wear it, we can tell you if it’s Fit2Buy!
  5. Create 1 Fit2Buy account, build your wardrobe of items and shop at any retailer on the web
  6. Shop with confidence from the comfort and convenience of your home, office or wherever you have access to the web
  7. Save items in your watch list & record your browsing history in 1 place so if you don’t buy something the first time you can easily return to the item later.