Minimise returns and save money with your online store



How many shoppers do you think check out your item, like what they see but won’t take the next step and bid because they aren’t sure what they see will fit?

Now thanks to Fit2Buy you have a solution

  • You don’t need to know the body shape of your customers
  • You don’t need to know what size they are, the clothes in their wardrobe do that for you
  • All you need is a way to accurately compare the items in their wardrobe to the item you sell

Shoppers will be able to see for themselves how large or small your items are compared to similar items in their wardrobe. Additionally, if you offer more than 1 size, like an actual fitting room, your bidders can ‘try on’ each size you offer before they bid. And those customers too scared to buy from you because they’re concerned they’ll buy the wrong size won’t worry either, now they can check for themselves which size is Fit2Buy.

  1. Increase bidder confidence that a purchase from you will be a successful one
  2. Increase sales through greater shopper confidence
  3. Easy to integrate
  4. Eliminate the sense of doubt amongst customers by negating the question “how do I know if it will fit?”
  5. Customers can ‘try on’ each size you offer (if you offer more than 1) helping them make the right decision the first time
  6. Foster repeat sales
  7. Open your client base up to a worldwide market – if the worry of the cost of handling international returns has stopped you selling overseas Fit2Buy will help you truly reach the world wide web.
  8. If you have large catalogues of clothes with the same cut but different patterns you only need to create 1 reference item per size which you can link to as many prints and patterns as you like making management of your catalogues even simpler.