About Fit2Buy

Here at Fit2Buy we have approached the problem of an online fitting room from a new angle; what we have built is both simple to operate and understand, and powerful and accurate enough to deliver meaningful results.


Our aim was to develop a way for shoppers to accurately try on an item of clothing before they committed to a purchase. In the past people have tried to match shoppers bodies to specific seller sizes. The problem with this is there are no standard sizes, nor are there standard body shapes, and trying to get your shoppers to take measurements of their bodies was time consuming, problematic and prone to errors.

So a new solution was needed that bypassed the idea of matching bodies to sizes; instead we realised the clothes in a shoppers wardrobe already fit them properly so all that was needed was a way to accurately match the sizes you offer to the clothes from the shoppers wardrobe.

If a shopper can buy a garment the same shape and size as a similar garment they already own then logically that new garment will fit in a way similar to the garment from their wardrobe.

Compare sizes via the size selector

Powerful comparison engine

Fit2Buy is essentially an online fitting room, allowing shoppers to try on an item online before purchasing it. Here at Fit2Buy we have worked hard to build a powerful comparison engine that is both easy to use for shoppers and an effective value add for you, the retailers. The comparison engine gives shoppers the confidence to buy knowing that when their garment arrives it will be a perfect fit; and it all means less returns to deal with.

simple and intuitive process

Simple and Intuitive Process

Easy as 1, 2, 3. Only using photographs (no measurements required by you or the shopper) the Fit2Buy process has been built with fool-proof simplicity in mind. Identical for shoppers and sellers, all you need to do is take a photo of the garment you have for sale, include a CD or DVD in the photograph and load it into the website. You can have the first items live in the fitting room on your site within 10 minutes of signing up.

Customisable widget

Customizable Widget for Retailers

With Fit2Buy premium you can rename the widget and change the appearance of it to better suit the style of your website and tastes of your customers. With an interactive interface and detailed help, including customizable video tutorials, your customers will master the fitting room within minutes completing successful fittings first time around.

Manage your catalogue

Self-Service: Manage your own Catalogue

While we are always happy to assist in uploading your catalogues of clothing, shoes and sunglasses, Fit2Buy.com offers a totally self service interface. This doesn’t just keep costs down but also means you can update your catalogues from your business or home at times convenient to you with the greatest of ease.

 Shoppers can maintain a wardrobe of as many items as they like for free.

Comprehensive help

Comprehensive Help & Instructions

We understand a new process can sometimes be tricky to learn. That’s they we’ve provided a complete set of instructions for using Fit2Buy. We have help and instructions for every step of the process as well as a comprehensive set of FAQ’s for those everyday questions.

 There are also a set of video tutorials you can watch to see the whole process explained.

Great packages

Great packages for Retailers, Free for Shoppers!

Fit2Buy packages start at just $9 a month! This means you don’t need the budget of the largest retailers on the web to include a fitting room into your site. The increase in sales due to improved customer confidence of a perfect fit, coupled with the reduction in returns, will mean Fit2Buy quickly proves itself a tool to save you money.

Check out pricing plans or simply sign up now.

Fit2Buy; just like a physical fitting room

When a shopper is trying on clothes in a physical store they don’t just take in 1 size, try it on and then determine if they want to buy that item or not. Instead a shopper will usually take 2 or more sizes of the same garment to see which fits best; normally trying on each size a few times. With Fit2Buy they can do the same thing by cycling through the sizes you offer, quickly swapping back and forth between two or more sizes until they determine for themselves which is closest to their comparison item.


Sizing vs. Fitting


Another unique advantage of the Fit2Buy fitting room is it allows a shopper to not just determine the right size, but also gauge how the item will actually fit them. Overlaying the images in the fitting room at a perfect 1:1 ratio means a shopper can see and even accurately measure how much larger or smaller your item is compared to theirs at specific parts of the garment. So if it is a shirt the shopper can gauge how much wider the shoulders are, or how narrow the collar is or even how long the sleeves are. If they are trying on a pair of jeans or pants the shopper can work out how much wider or narrower the jeans will be at the hips, bottom or around the legs (thighs, knees, ankles etc.). All this means your customers can now shop online in a way never before possible, accurately choosing the size that will best match their body shape and size.


Fit2Buy; an extension of your marketing team


Fashion isn’t just about finding the right size, or even the right fit; it’s also about the customer’s experience. Returns, complications and bad service all decrease the likelihood of the customer returning to your site to buy from you again.


At Fit2Buy we understand this and that’s why we’re committed to helping you improve your customers shopping experience by working with you in every way possible; we don’t just want to help customers buying from you anyway finding the perfect fit, we want to encourage more sales across the board.


No request will go unanswered and with the ability to change almost every part of the widget to better suit the style of your site and tastes of your clients we want to see ourselves as an extension of your marketing and sales team as well as your online fitting room.


Accurate Results


We have tested Fit2Buy extensively and the visual results are accurate to a tolerance of at least 94%. What this means is when a shopper is choosing a size, what they are seeing in the fitting room is close enough, and easy enough to understand, that they should make the right choice, first time around.



The fool-proof process:

Step 1 – take a photo and upload.


All you need to do is take a photo of the item you have for sale and include a CD in the photo and upload it onto the Fit2Buy.com site; shoppers do the same thing using an item of clothing from their wardrobe.


Step 2 – Select CD and trace outline.


Here you quickly select the CD and then draw an outline around the garment to remove the background. Again shoppers do the same thing with their photos. Once you save the result you’re finished and we provide you with the link address to insert into your page and the widget is installed.


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Minimise returns and save money with your online store



How many shoppers do you think check out your item, like what they see but won’t take the next step and bid because they aren’t sure what they see will fit?

Now thanks to Fit2Buy you have a solution

  • You don’t need to know the body shape of your customers
  • You don’t need to know what size they are, the clothes in their wardrobe do that for you
  • All you need is a way to accurately compare the items in their wardrobe to the item you sell

Shoppers will be able to see for themselves how large or small your items are compared to similar items in their wardrobe. Additionally, if you offer more than 1 size, like an actual fitting room, your bidders can ‘try on’ each size you offer before they bid. And those customers too scared to buy from you because they’re concerned they’ll buy the wrong size won’t worry either, now they can check for themselves which size is Fit2Buy.

  1. Increase bidder confidence that a purchase from you will be a successful one
  2. Increase sales through greater shopper confidence
  3. Easy to integrate
  4. Eliminate the sense of doubt amongst customers by negating the question “how do I know if it will fit?”
  5. Customers can ‘try on’ each size you offer (if you offer more than 1) helping them make the right decision the first time
  6. Foster repeat sales
  7. Open your client base up to a worldwide market – if the worry of the cost of handling international returns has stopped you selling overseas Fit2Buy will help you truly reach the world wide web.
  8. If you have large catalogues of clothes with the same cut but different patterns you only need to create 1 reference item per size which you can link to as many prints and patterns as you like making management of your catalogues even simpler.
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Make a confident sizing purchase



How many times have you seen something online and not been sure if it will fit you? You like what you see but don’t want to risk buying something that doesn’t fit but you also know you won’t be able to find something like it at any of the shops where you live. Frustrating isn’t it?


Fit2Buy is the service here to change that forever. The idea is simple, you can’t describe the shape of your body but you don’t need to as the clothes in your wardrobe do that for you because you only buy and keep clothes that fit you well. Fit2Buy lets you compare items online to the items in your wardrobe and because you know the items in your wardrobe fit you if the clothes online are similar then they will fit you too. It’s so easy you wonder why nobody thought of it before and what’s even better is it actually works! All you need to do is upload into your Fit2Buy wardrobe photo’s of clothes in your wardrobe at home and start shopping. You can then compare anything you want to buy and be sure you buy the right size the first time.


So, what are the features for you, the Shopper?


  1. It’s FREE
  2. Be sure the item will fit you before you commit to a purchase
  3. Don’t just try on 1 size, cycle through retailer’s sizes to see which fits best
  4. Fit2Buy works for all clothing items – we have a simple motto – if you can wear it, we can tell you if it’s Fit2Buy!
  5. Create 1 Fit2Buy account, build your wardrobe of items and shop at any retailer on the web
  6. Shop with confidence from the comfort and convenience of your home, office or wherever you have access to the web
  7. Save items in your watch list & record your browsing history in 1 place so if you don’t buy something the first time you can easily return to the item later.
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With the Fit2Buy widget you have a fitting room which you can easily integrate into your site. Your customers will never have to leave your site to try on an item of clothing before they buy it.

Once you register and start uploading items of clothing into your online catalogue you’ll be given a unique link address for each garment. All you need to do is add that link address to your product page; once the link is selected the fitting room opens inside a light box on-top of the page the shopper is looking at where they complete the fitting process and return to complete the purchase. The shopper never leaves your website meaning you retain control of the shopper from start to finish.



The widget is interactive with detailed help and video tutorials to guide the shopper while in the fitting room and is fully customisable with Fit2Buy premium.


Widget integration into your site style.

Fit2Buy Premium gives you total control of the widget allowing you to name it and edit the appearance to seamlessly integrate the fitting room into your site. We always want to work with you to improve the widget and enhance the service

 If you are a seller with a varied array of clients you can choose to implement more than just a single widget too. So, if for example you mainly sell to women, but still have a significant percentage of shoppers being men buying for their wives, girlfriends and partners, you could implement one widget targeted towards your female shoppers with another ‘husband helper’ widget geared towards the men buying for their partners.

Of course, they are just suggestions; we will provide your graphic design team with a template of the widget which they can edit to your specifications. The only limit to the design of the widget is your imagination.

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